September 21, 2005

Daddy, I Love Really Biking With You

We\’ve been back for about two months now, and far from settling down, the number of things on my todo list seems to not only be increasing, but also accelerating. New job. Old job. New friends. Old friends. Rachel. The boys.

I\’ve found it particularly hard to get much exercise lately. I know I should be getting up at 6am and running or biking, but I\’ve never been much of a morning person. And with the 2 hour round-trip commute to San Mateo, I\’m finding it hard to get any exercise at the back end of the day either. Of course having the boys yell \”Daddy, Daddy, you\’re home!\” doesn\’t make it any easier to turn right around and say \”bye, see you in half an hour\” right after I\’ve walked through the door. So I\’ve been looking for a way to kill two birds with one stone…get some exercise, and hang out with the kids at the same time.

I\’ve recently hit on two different ways to do it, both of which involve Nathaniel and a bicycle. (Unfortunately Sebastian is a little young to do either of these, though he is absolutely sure that I am wrong, letting me know at the top of his lungs!)

The first involves a \”trail-a-bike\” that I got from Frank Flynn, a co-worker from Wired, who coincidentally is at the same startup I\’ve recently joined. It\’s a third wheel that hangs off the seat post, letting Nathaniel pedal behind me. He loves it, both because he feels like he\’s helping, and because he can keep up with me (joined at the seat as we are). It takes a bit of getting used, what with the extra weight and the side-to-side motion hanging out there behind me. And while it isn\’t really much of a workout for me, it\’s fun having him behind me, pumping his little legs to make us go faster.

The second involves me running, and Nathaniel riding his Spiderman bicycle next to me on the bike path that runs between our house and the dog park in Mill Valley. We\’ve done this three times now, and each time he gets a little faster and a little less wiggly-all-over-the-road. So much so that I\’m a little worried that it won\’t be long before I\’m unable to keep up with him. We had a great time chatting away last time…ok, he was doing most of the chatting away and I was doing a lot of grunting in reply. But we stopped at the dog park to have a rest. And then we played on a slide on the way home. We even stopped by the bay to look at the sandbar (more a mudbar really), that we have to watch out for when we take out the Whaler or the Laser.

But what made it all worthwhile, all the lack of exercise, all the frustration of getting him to stay up with me, was when we got back. He looked up at me, helmet slightly askew, and said \”Daddy, I really love biking with you.\”

Thanks Nathaniel…I really love biking with you too.

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