January 7, 2005

Status Update: January 7, 2005

(This is a cross-post from my Web Photos Pro website.)

As the deadline for releasing Web Photos Pro gets nearer, events are conspiring to keep the final release date yet another “two weeks away".

What’s happening now you might ask? Well, first I’m in the middle of converting the Web Photos Pro website to a new design (you can get a sneak peak here) – and it’s taking longer than I’d expected. I’m using Wordpress, which is great, but I’m having to hack it to get things like user quotes to appear on the right side of the home page, but categories to appear on the right side of the inside pages. I’ve also got some database work to do in order to automatically send out demo keys, and license keys to people who buy the product.

All that’s going fine, but I haven’t had much time to work on the upgrade because…we’re moving! In fact we’re moving so far from civilization that I’ll be stuck with a net connection that’s slower than than the one…well, since I can’t remember when. That’s right, just as crunch time approaches we’re moving from a place with broadband (DSL to you Yanks), to a place where I’ll be lucky to get 44K over a modem!

Which means that instead of upgrading the website I’m packing boxes, and doing all of the hundreds of things that have to be done before we leave on Sunday.

Where are we going? Back down to Cornwall! You may or may not know that I have a weblog called A Year In Cornwall. It might be more properly called “An Interrupted Year In Cornwall", as last April we had to move out of Cornwall and up to Leatherhead, a suburb of London (about 45 minutes south by train). During that time I’ve been turning what started out as a hobby – writing a program to make it easier to get my photos onto the web – into a full fledged product.

That process has been harder than I’d expected. One problem is that I keep feeling like I can’t release the product because it isn’t quite good enough. Then there’s the website to build, the documentation to write, the support forum to set up, the support questions to answer, never mind figuring out how to sell the product, and oh yes, finding time to do a little coding on the product.

So here it is, January 7, and where I’d hoped to release on January 2, and then on January 9, I’m afraid the release date is going to get set back yet again. How long you (and my wife Rachel) might be wondering. Let’s see, we’re moving on Sunday the 9th, it’ll take at least 2 days to get everything set up down there, at least a week of work to finish the new site and database programming, test, upload, retest…hmmm, sounds like about two more weeks.

All in all, I think we’ll see final somewhere before the end of January.

Until then, stay well.

– Frank

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